University of Iowa are accepting applications for MS/PhD or PhD degrees

Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences, and the interdisciplinary graduate program in Geoinformatics at the University of Iowa are accepting applications for MS/PhD or PhD degrees starting from Fall 2018. Graduate teaching and research fellowships, and assistantships will be available for these positions.


I am particularly interested in recruiting students with research interests in areas such as:

  • Spatial network analysis (e.g., network measures, community detection, spatial interaction modeling, diffusion models)
  • Spatial data mining (e.g., clustering, association rule mining, classification, machine learning, and deep learning for object classification)
  • Geovisual analytics and human computer interaction (e.g., interactive cartography, flow mapping, coordinated views, utility and usability evaluation)
  • Big data analytics for social media and networking applications (e.g., natural language processing, topic modeling, sentiment analysis)
  • High performance computing, Hadoop, and big data storage systems (MongoDB)
  • Application areas such as human migration and mobility, geographically-embedded social networks (e.g., interpersonal communication, family tree), patient mobility, human communication, transportation, and energy networks; movement and pass networks in sports (e.g., soccer, basketball); analysis of social media data


In addition to the above research interests, students should have, or be interested in developing, ability in:


  • Programming in a high level language such as Java, C++, or Python;
  • Statistical computing software such as R or Matlab
  • GIS Software such as ArcGIS or QGIS.
  • Database management system software such as Postgresql, PostGIS, and MongoDB
  • English Proficiency (TOEFL)


The application deadline is 01 Jan, 2018. Candidates should contact indicating their interest in one of the programs along with their research interests and CV. Competitive students will be invited for a Skype interview.


Upon admittance you will be a member of the Geo-Social Lab, which is home to research projects aimed at developing innovative computational and visualization tools to better understand and analyze massive and complex geo-social networks. The Geo-Social Lab is located within the brand new research facility at the Informatics Initiative which is equipped with cutting edge research infrastructure such as the Visualization Wall, lab computers and meeting rooms, and prioritized access to High Performance Computing (HPC) and Hadoop clusters.




For all inquiries, please contact


Caglar Koylu

Assistant Professor

Department of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

316 Jessup Hall

The University of Iowa

Iowa City, IA 52242

319 335 0161