[UCGIS] Graduate Student Assistant position at University of Kansas

Department of Geography & Atmospheric Science, at the University of Kansas is seeking one graduate student assistant at the PhD level specializing in Geographic Information Science, starting from Fall 2018.

We are particularly interested in recruiting students with research interests in areas such as:

  • Network analysis
  • Location modeling and spatial Optimization
  • Remote Sensing and Image Processing (object extraction/tracking, and change detection)
  • High performance computing, Hadoop, and big data storage systems (MongoDB)
  • Application areas include transportation and logistics, analysis of social networks, urban geography, public and private facility location, and natural resource management.

Ideal qualifications include:

  • Programming in a high-level language such as C++ or Java;
  • Statistical computing software such as R or Matlab
  • GIS Software such as ArcGIS or QGIS.
  • Familiarity with Linux and Database management system software such as PostgreSQL/PostGIS and MongoDB
  • English Proficiency (TOEFL and GRE)

The application deadline is Jan 15, 2018. Candidates should contact lei@ku.edu indicating their interest in one of the areas along with their research interests and CV.

For more information, see https://geog.ku.edu/graduate-1 .