U-Mass Amherst 1-year M.S. in GIST seeking applicants

The UMass Amherst Geography Program in the Department of Geosciences is  seeking applicants for the accelerated 1-year Masters in Geography –  Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) program for the  2020-2021 academic year.

The program is designed to provide a solid foundation and diverse set of  knowledge, skills and practices in geospatial technologies.  Highly-motivated students and professionals will emerge from the program  with applied experience and a broad GIS skillset applicable towards  diverse professional opportunities through rigorous coursework and  hands-on project opportunities. Core courses include Geographic  Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing, and spatial analysis with  optional course topics ranging from Cartographic Design and WebGIS to geospatial database management and unmanned aerial systems (drones).

Students in this program have the opportunity to engage with the  background in the science, techniques, and application of geospatial  skills, enabling them to embark on a public or private sector career in geography, planning, public policy, ecology, environmental science and other fields. Coursework is undertaken in both the Fall and Spring semesters with a required summer internship.

Courses in GIST at UMass-Amherst are offered at our Amherst campus and the Mt. Ida campus in Newton, MA.

For more information about the program, including the courses we offer, how to apply, and cost, please visit http://clicks.memberclicks-mail.net/wf/click?upn=8QsjVQ-2B3um7rWxLmpafxi8pSXkKP0LNtAFUlNCBJ4HqT44v45K1AygsfyWJvEpmjFv8fUYcZDuCzon87-2BdWT1Q-3D-3D_uZ8O0vGvxW8ycgP0EGD4dotdRQxMhdx7e-2FZD4PZ5iMyTUWNpEIqktOna-2FrHh7CcTNVY2B8GJCrVPMpZS5hpDcgW4x0XNpkAJmBzZUZn1pNAcIblm7OP293iHtF0L2BpUvaKvuGZHE1Mfi4bSupkABkq-2BVHSQ6a3eUL2DwhrYrh9-2F-2FSlsKaM-2FNF9iJTzf561k-2Fz25A7YlgQxQ27NIQz24z-2B8vifCyM2ffjlpX99LOFx5fAbIifojOg688t0Lu3e5yPXxMX41y-2Fi8Wfv0ADJqTBPXACpAMjEYGKlhFLTrzkef11dxeaE-2BDRCglhl7pW7HLbDyoTZEzqkI94XMdEXM5JShb63hfgIG24Z-2BITFtgMY4-3D or contact Dr. Forrest J. Bowlick at fbowlick@umass.edu.

We would love for folks to get their applications in by February 1st, 2020 but will also be accepting applications after that date.