Semestral Projects

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Should you have any questions not answered below, do not hesitate to contact Ing. Kateřina Růžičková, Ph.D. who is responsible for semestral projects.

Basic Rules of Semestral Projects

Topic Selection

The student selects a topic from the list of Edison Information System topics. If a student finds some of the published topics attractive and would like to address or learn more about it, they will contact the particular teacher and consult with him/her. If more students are interested in the same topic, it is up to a teacher to choose to whom the topic will be assigned. After the final agreement between the student and the thesis supervisor, the student can apply for the given topic and the teacher can confirm the assignment of the topic to the student directly in EDISON IS. The student then applies for the topic of his/her own choice only after a personal agreement with the teacher.

Students of Bachelor’s degree programmes choose the topic of their thesis at the end of the summer semester of the 2nd year. A list of Bachelor thesis topics for the next academic year is updated at IS Edison by 30 April. After this date, the students of the 2nd year choose the topic and start their work.

Students of Follow-up Master degree programme choose the topic of their thesis within 3 weeks of the start of the semester. After this time, students are assigned the topic of the remaining unassigned topics by the head of the Department of Geoinformatics (the same applies to the Bachelor’s programme students).

Presentations of Results

During the semester the student presents the state of elaboration of his/her final thesis. The number of presentations for individual forms of study and years is summarized in the table. For graduating students, additional presentations at the GISáček Conference are offered in the form of an oral presentation or a poster. Students of the first year of follow-up study in a full-time form must complete only a 5-minute presentation in their winter semester compared to the standard 10-minute presentation.

year Present Students Distant Students
Bc. yes yes yes no no yes no yes
1. Master yes(5 min) yes yes yes no yes no yes
2. Master yes yes yes no no yes no yes

Student has to prepare a presentation according to this general content:

  • Duration: 10 min
  • Introduction: project title, author, supervisor
  • Description and tasks of project (based on IS Edison)
  • Goal of project (+ expected practical application)
  • Theoretical background
  • State of the art
  • Used methodology
  • Work schedule
  • List of used data or SW
  • Description of Processing
  • Results and conclusions
  • List of literature

Presentation Evaluation

Presentations are evaluated by teachers on the following aspects:

  • A formal aspect of the presentation (1-5 points) – presentation technique, technical aspect of the presentation and comprehensibility of the statement;
  • Content of the presentation (1-5 points) – process and progress the student used in his/her thesis (a professional level, methodological approach to solution).

The success of the presentation is assessed by attending teachers. The rating with results will be recorded and available on the website (see above).

If any of the presentation sections is rated worse than the grade of 3, the student will be able to improve this grade during a substitute presentation which he/she will actively ask for no later than next day after the failed presentation. Student can improve up to one presentation during the semester.