SW Licences


You can download some of Microsoft products stored in the Microsoft Imagine, including Premium membership products, from the web page below. Only students and employees of the Department of Geoinformatics can use these Premium SWs.

>>>Enter the Microsoft Imagine<<<


You can download ESRI products from this web page https://install.vsb.cz.

Licence server is licence1201.vsb.cz (or type IP address You must be in the University network or connected using VPN client. More information is here.

IBM SPSS Statistics

You can download IBM SPSS Statistics from this web page https://spss.ekf.vsb.cz/spss/.

For legal use of this SW, you must be a student of the Faculty of Mining and Geology (VSB-TUO) and connected to university network or using VPN client. More information is here.

Visual Paradigm

Visual Paradigm supports VSB – Technical University Ostrava with UML tools and ERD tools under the Visual Paradigm Academic Partner Program.